T20 World Cup | Babar said "I will never play long innings at the cost of strike rate"

Pakistan Cricket News | I will never play long innings at the cost of strike rate: Babar Azam

T20 World Cup | Babar  said "I will never play long innings at the cost of strike rate"

National Captain said, The goal as a captain is to win the World Cup, this is the mentality you need when preparing for a mega event.

Pakistan Cricket News | A few days before the start of the T20 World Cup, Pakistan is facing a difficult battle after a sudden change in team management and major controversies over team selection. 

T20 World Cup | Before the mega event, Pakistani captain Babar Azam emphasized on his batting strike rate and spoke about his team's point of view. In an interview, Babar Azam said, "I believe that if you have the ability to play fast, you should take advantage of it."

Pakistan Cricket News | If I gave a good start to the team together with Rizwan in the T20 World Cup, it is not in my nature to think that I should bat long at the cost of strike rate, but if one of us is playing the best the other will support him, keep the strike rate good, stay positive but at the same time try to take advantage of his form, we will make sure that one of them stays on the wicket. ۔

T20 World Cup | Pakistan is the most successful team in T20 cricket with 106 victories but the national team has been facing difficulties for the last two years and Babar Azam pointed out the weaknesses that need to be addressed. 

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Pakistan Cricket News | He said "We are struggling in middle order batting and death bowling, we have tried different combinations and tried to figure out which player could be the most beneficial for the team at what number, unfortunately,". 

Our plan has not been successful since but it is cricket, if you select the players you cannot guarantee that they will perform.

T20 World Cup | Ups and downs keep coming, we selected the players because they performed elsewhere. You have to perform consistently in Pakistan team otherwise you will be seated on the bench. 

Pakistan Cricket News | Talking about the administrative changes, Babar Azam said that it takes time to adopt them which is a major reason for Pakistan's poor performance in recent times.

Pakistan, led by former coach Mickey Arthur, won 30 out of 37 Twenty20 matches, but then coached Misbah-ul-Haq to 17 out of 34. 

T20 World Cup | Babar Azam said that whenever a new arrangement comes, it takes time to adjust it, you don't get used to it in just one day but it takes time. 

It also takes time to gather a team, if you select a team you will not only start getting results in the second or third match but you need time for that.

Pakistan Cricket News | Babar Azam further said that the time two years ago was different than today, the situation changes, at that time we had different management, different coaches and different mindset while our team was also different, now we have something different. 

T20 World Cup | Babar Azam said that as a captain his goal is to win the World Cup for Pakistan, you need such mentality while preparing for the mega event.

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